Rolf™ Structural Integration

Leah Rachocki, Rolfer& Rolf Movement Practitioner offers Rolfing sessions and classes at Cleveland Rolfing.

Rolf Structural Integration is the lifelong work of Ida P Rolf, Ph.D. An overview of her life and work is in this article from the Journal of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

Rolfing organizes the body in gravity to eliminate the causes of chronic pain. Rolfers teach good movement habits to improve self-awareness and reduce strain. Rolfing sessions are painless and fun.

Rolfing has a badly outdated reputation for being ‘painful deep tissue work’. This reputation is flat wrong. Cleveland Rolfing does not require a Ten Series. The Ten Series was intended to be a teaching tool, not a practice tool.

Today, there are many schools of structural integration who teach the ten series exclusively, to be used in practice. The Rolf Institute is the standard bearer of Structural Integration, it’s practitioners are required to offer the work utilizing the principles of Rolfing, but not in a simplistic paint-by-numbers approach. This one reason the Rolf Institute is considered the Harvard of bodywork!

Rolfing is used by professional athletes around the world to improve recovery from sport and travel, and to maintain optimal function for best possible performance. Rolfing is a great tool for moms, who suffer for the absence of manual therapy and movement education to recover from pregnancy, labor and delivery. Rolfing solves painful complex conditions and is often described as the ‘missing piece’ in health care.

Health is a balanced state, not an end-point or a destination. Rolfing brings balance to your mind and body, and teaches you skills to stay healthy.