About Leah

Leah established Cleveland Rolfing in 2015 to provide results-oriented, sustainable care with Rolfing. Currently Cleveland Rolfing is located at Insight Learning & Wellness. 

Leah Rachocki was certified by the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2004, and again as a Rolf Movement Practitioner in 2021. She began practicing in Alaska and currently practices in her home state of Ohio. Since 2004, she has grown her professional ‘tool kit’ with extensive Continuing Education through the Rolf Institute, including Visceral and Cranial Manipulation courses, Sourcepoint Therapy and Equine Structural Integration. She earned Rolf Movement Practitioner in 2021.

Leah is deeply grateful to her Rolf Institute faculty for guiding her development. They are Suzanne Picard, Jon Martine, Larry Koliha, Mary Bond, John Schewe, Thomas Walker, David Clarke, Pedro Prado, Duffy Allen, Bob Schrei, Ray McCall, Carol Agneesens, Jeffrey Burch, Per Haaland, Rebecca Carli-Mills, Caryn McHose and Kevin Frank.