See what clients have shared about their experience with Rolfing and Leah Rachocki CR.

Leah has shown me a new way of healing that doesn’t involve physical therapy, surgery or endless doctor appointments with no answers. Leah focuses on making your body whole in your session, which in turn solves the core problem.  The physical healing I have gone through with seeing her is tremendous. As a runner, I dealt with persistent ankle tendinitis for 4 months last summer, with a “tingly” feeling in my ankle/shins & a clicking noise when I would move my ankle. This pain and irritation prevented me from participating in the sport all together.   I rested my ankle (per my doctor’s orders) and it was not healing. I knew deep down there was another way to heal this.

Then I found Leah and her amazing work. After one session, my tendinitis felt almost non-existent, and the clicking noise I had in my ankle subsided. After my second session, It was gone. Leah had no doubts in my body’s ability to heal, and gave me the courage to try running again and I had no pain after just two sessions.  I also had a very serious knee surgery in 2012, and her work in my body has helped strengthen my right knee and that side of my body.

The pain I had felt in my body was affecting me in such a negative way, and I’m very thankful I found Leah. She has a true, deep passion for the work she does, and such a gentle touch. I encourage anyone to see her who is experiencing any type of pain. Thank you, Leah! -woman in her 20s

My chief complaint was pain that ran along my inner left thigh and pain in my left arch.  The source of the original complaint was resolved in five sessions. In my experience, the body heals in layers. As one layer heals, another layer that wants to be healed is revealed. This has been an incredible journey – I started out quite bow legged and unmovable through my hip joints. As each new layer is healed, my legs become less and less bowed and my body moves much more fluidly. Before working with Leah, I felt in pain, frustrated, and was unable to run and exercise like I had been doing. I had a fairly broad range of movement but it was stiff and sometimes painful. I worried about how my body would move and feel as I continued to age.  Now that Leah and I have worked together, my attitude is – Bring on old age! We are still restructuring my body, but what a world of difference! I feel solid. I feel anchored. I feel connected to my body in a way I have not been connected since childhood. I learned the association of how one part of the body affects another. My arch may hurt but the pain can be originating from farther up my leg like my knee or my hip. -woman in her 40s

I was in an automobile accident a couple of years ago. I healed quickly because Leah is such a talented Rolfer. She was able to free up my diaphragm and the other connective tissue in my torso that “freezes” to protect our internal organs under such shocking physical force. Leah helps the body recover from unexpected physical traumas such as this. My son and daughter use infrequent maintenance sessions to correct anything that needs correcting since their previous session. Life bangs them around a bit from time to time. Leah helps their body heal from the bangs. I know they will age in a much healthier manner because of the Rolfing Leah provides. -woman in her 40s

I hired Leah to help with a herniated disc in my lower back. Before Rolfing with you, my low back hurt to the point of incapacitation. There was never any relief. I couldn’t even carry a 5 gallon bucket of water or pack an armload of firewood.  There was a noticable difference after the first session. My back no longer hurt. Last fall I carried loads of moose in excess of 100 lbs over a mile and a quarter to the airstrip. I also run half marathons. My quality of life has improved so much because of Rolfing with you. Everyday is better because of your awesomeness. Thank you! -man in his 40s

Initially, sciatica pain brought me in. I had pain radiating down from my hip down the back of my leg. I also had back pain located in my bra strap area that would wake me up at night. I also had a displaced tailbone that would bother me if I sat for periods of time. The originating pain was relieved after a few sessions. I had an ongoing coccyx pain from a prior injury that I had given up being able to manage. The work with Leah definitely improved my quality of life. My sciatica pain went away, my back pain disappeared and I have the ability to sit for long periods of time without major pain in my coccyx area. Thanks to Leah I learned how to listen to my body for cues and how to deal with those cues on my own. -woman in her 30s